Avenue of the Americas: Three One-Act Comedies
by Martin Blank

Now available on amazon.com in paperback for $6.95 or Kindle for $2.99.

Avenue of the Americas 2W 3M | Comedy | 50 minutes - A woman on the lam from a New Jersey mental institution becomes the queen of Madison Avenue as her ad campaigns are wildly popular. Still, her commercials wreak havoc with her boss, the Catholic Church, and certain cat owners. Avenue of the Americas is a comic ride that asks: how far would you go to have it all?

Driving Green 1W 1M | Comedy | 10 minutes - A politically opposite married couple tries to survive going green and a morning commute. 

Read My Lips 5W 2M | Comedy | 30 minutes - A play with dance in which a young man comes to terms with the loss of the grandmother that raised him.

These three plays can be performed individually or together for a full evening of theatre.



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